Zip Line = Panic Attack

Zip lining through the jungle has been on my bucket list for quite sometime.   My parents told me to pick the excursion for Honduras… I went for zip lining… after getting my dad on board, he is the one that I was expecting to be wary, (he wasn’t!), it was time to get pumped up to scratch something else off my bucket list.

When we arrived in Roatan, we had to take a drive through the Island, it took a little time, so my nerves started to get the best of me. I kept thinking that I was  nervous about zip lining… I mean you are on a cord in the jungle… and you just zooooommmm.

We arrived to Monkey Trail Canopy, and I noticed immediately how fresh the air was & more importantly how lush the jungle is.  It was breathtaking. I can do this, I kept repeating to myself.

Zip Line 12

I quickly snapped pictures. Took a deep breath and went over to get outfitted for the tour.

I was all smiles.. This is Matthew/
I was all smiles.. This is Matthew/

Zip Line 10

Need less to say while I was getting ready I was starting to panic.  I remember thinking oh my god, I HAVE to be nice to these two dudes, because my life is practically in their hands, and if I piss them off they could mess up!.


I know silly Jen.


I carried on conversations with both of them and quickly realized that I would be fine, and to stop panicking life is all about experiences… and hell you are here, might as well zip line down.


I even got to know the man to the left, his name was Matthew, he is why I love traveling. Meeting locals.  I firmly believe meeting can make a trip most memorable. I often forget sights, but I never forget people I have met.




So after I was all suited up, it was time to go on the tour but first we had to cross this bridge….

Zip Line 11

Umm come again? Last time I walked across a bridge like this I was hooked on… and it was at Disney… and honestly I didn’t worry about it because I was at DISNEY and you know that was safe… what if I fall… My 80 year oldself was screaming in my head… CHILL OUT, QUIT BEING STUPID AND GO!

Who is going first? My mother asked.

Me! I practically shout, I knew I had to go first or I would never go…

So I go up to the guy… and look down.  That was dumb.

Jump.  He tells me.

Huh? what? you can’t be serious? You want me to jump?

Yes jump….

this was the moment I lost it…

No I can’t jump, you are supposed to hook me up. I am not jumping.  

He then says I won’t let go of you until you are ready…

I jump…

He laughs…

The people behind us in line were shouting words of encouragement, It is going to be ok, you can do it! 

At this point I was pretty much having a near on panic attack, my feet couldn’t touch the ground I started kicking, desperately trying to touch the ground… Just feel the world beneath my foot… The man is holding on to me tightly…

You promise you won’t let go until I am ready?

I promise. Said the nice Honduran man.

He Lied. 

and it was the best lie a man has ever told me…

\Zip Line 1 Zip Line 3 Zip Line 5

As you can see by my smiles… I was having the time of my life. We did 12 lines.  Each time I stopped, I almost took out the person there to catch me, but eh I survived.

safe and sound at the bottom!
safe and sound at the bottom!

I even was able to steady my hand enough to take pictures of these beautiful tropical flowers…

Zip Line 7 Zip Line 6

I can’t wait to zip line again, it was amazing!

2 thoughts on “Zip Line = Panic Attack”

    1. No! I wish. I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t think to look. I don’t think this line had very many. I love ziplining, I have only done it once since this time, and can’t wait to do it again!

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