Yet another Roadside Attraction

I was going through the remainder of the photos from the October Road Trip, and sadly this looks like it is going to be the last post from that trip.

For some reason all the photos from the last two days of the trip have gone MIA. I am very disappointed because we had some great times as we ventured back into Texas but as I have no clue where the pictures are, well I guess it is time to wrap up the trip.

I mean it is time to get this blog into the present,  October was almost 6 months ago after all.

So this brings me to an  update, I am going to make my best effort to get this blog caught up over the next two weeks, I have a lot of adventures I want to write about, plus a few Brazil topics and an update about me and how I see this blog going in the future.

I also need to start exploring the Dallas area, and finding fun things to do around here.

So if you are one of the few lucky people who subscribe well expect a lot of mail in the coming weeks, because I am getting this blog caught up before mid April rolls around, at least that is my goal.

As for the Texas part of the trip if I ever come across those pictures I will share them with everyone.

So this brings me to the last official post of the October Road Trip.

Those of you that have been following me for a while know exactly how much I love my roadside america app, so as we were driving on a very boring highway we decided to pull it out and see what we could find, which is how we came across this lovely gem.

If I remember correctly these are located in Clayton NM on Hwy 87.

They were a very quick stop, as there  really is not much to them, but they are a fun oddity if you are in the area or needed a break from driving

Here are the pics! Enjoy!

dino 6 dino 7 dino 8 dino 1 dino 2 dino 3 dino 4 dino 5



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