Yep I am #TeamCap

I have been waiting for this film every since it was announced in 2014. Actually, back when Iron Man 3 came out I got into a HUGE and I mean HUGE debate with a few fanboys about whether they were going to do Civil War or not, the dudes called me a moron. I blocked them & I was right in the end.

(brushes my shoulder off and mutters don’t argue with a Cap fangirl)

I am stoked about this movie and I am even more excited that I am going to The Ultimate Captain America Movie Marathon on Thursday, I am serious, it is practically Christmas for me.


I can’t wait to see how they have adapted Civil War to the bring screen because obviously they are going to take liberties so I am pretty excited to see what they do.

SO anyway I am announcing I am a Team Cap girl today, because well I just am. I am still trying to decide what I am going to wear but you can certainly bet it will be Cap related. Also I am really excited to get my Captain America medal, cause the medals are seriously cool.

So tell me fanboys & girls… what side are you on?  Are you taking part in the marathon?

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