WTF True Blood?


There are spoilers so read at your own risk.

I often say my blog is the ramblings of a lunatic, I spend my day in a cubicle, on the phone and arguing with people over money. This often sets me on edge, and causes me to get super invested into TV shows, movies, books whatever… and live life in a fantasy land even if it is only for a hour or so.

I have invested a lot of time into True Blood and Ms. Sookie Stackhouse, so when I learned this season was the last season of True Blood, I was expecting well… something… what did I get?


It is no secret that I often roll my eyes at True Blood and call it rubbish on a weekly basis, because the series is so far gone from the books, there is no recovering from that EPIC FAIL.

However there was a silver lining, at the end of last seasons we learned that Sookie got with Alcide.

Those of you that know me know that Joe Manganiello is high up on my list.

So my thoughts were like heck yeah, naked Joe.

Yeah that didn’t happen.

In fact NOTHING happened.

I am pretty sure watching the rain fall in Rockwall Texas was more exciting that True Blood last night.

It started off with a bang, Tara died and I just knew this was going to be one crazy season… and I watched expecting crazy vamp sex, teeth popping out, and for people to be at each other’s throats.

Back to Tara dying… True Blood has done a lot of stupid crap, but killing Tara? yeah that was dumb as hell.

What a cheap way to kill a character off.

If you are mad Tara died, she survives the books so YET another thig the show has done that doesn’t occur in the books. Hopefully that gives you some closure. She was meant to live.

Anyway, I digress.

Pam was looking for Eric, but nothing crazy…

Sookie started to feel sorry for herself but nothing crazy…

Jason tells his vampire he is tired of her not sleeping with him… and then I thought crap was going to get going… and nothing crazy

And this is the way it would go FOR THE ENTIRE FREAKING EPISODE.

Truth is peeps when I am between vacations my life is boring so I look for excitement in my TV shows and books… and when crazy doesn’t happen when I expect it to, well I get pissed.

IF this is the route True Blood is planning on taking well maybe it is time to say goodbye.


Which begs the question… Is he really dead?

Well here is to hoping we get to see Joe’s body next week, I mean he has the body of Zues after all.

Oh well until next time.

Jen (aka the Lunatic)

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