Wild Africa Trek Part 2

The first part of the trek was pretty amazing we already received VIP treatment and learned up close and personal about hippos and their diet.

Next was the reason we had to weigh. The bridge over the crocodiles.  I do feel it is important to mention,  that it is totally safe, but Disney is so wonderful at making something look risky and daring when it reality you really have zero to worry about.







I really loved this part of the tour. After we were done crossing the daring fun bridge it was time to jump in the vehicle and head out to the savanna.

If you have been on Kilimanjaro Safaris, you are aware that the driver takes you into the “African Savanna” to hunt for these amazing animals.  Well the same thing occurs on this tour, but you get closer to the animals.

As I told you the other day, I took the first tour of the morning, and we were practically the only vehicle on the Savannah, as the park had not quite opened up yet.   I really enjoyed how quiet and peaceful it was and the animals were all out and about, and clearly it is a great opportunity to take photos…





Need less to say, the photographers are amazing at capturing you looking at the animals, and the happiness that might cross your face…

Plus you get some pretty close shots of some amazing animals






What I find fantastic about this trip, is you can honestly take it multiple times and likely learn new things and have an unique experience.

I learned about the conservation efforts that Disney is taking across the world. For example, did you know elephants are deterred by bees? So Disney has developed a program with African Farmers, to utilize bee hives to keep elephants from trampling their crops, therefore eliminating poaching.

Or that flamingo’s are pink because they eat shrimp?


The lions were out and about, which in the past  on the ride I had trouble spotting, because the lions were  always napping…




After driving through the Savannah, we were taken to a “retreat” of sorts where we were served lunch with amazing views of the Savannah.





Lunch was ok… I am such a picky eater, and don’t really like meat, but the edible flower was pretty tasty and different. I enjoyed the juice, fruit and cheese


After lunch, we were driven back to the base camp and advised that part of tour fee is donated to conservation efforts around the world.

I choose the black rhino conservation effort, because the black rhino’s are considered CRITICALLY endangered by the IUCN, in other words they are facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild. In fact one subspecies was recently declared extinct, the western black rhino. Some estimate only 700 black rhinos are left in the wild. Help with this effort is critically needed and I get so sad thinking my grandchildren may never see a rhino.

Not a black rhino... but still a rhino
Not a black rhino… but still a rhino

Needless to say when I was given my coin to choose my donation, I didn’t think twice and placed it in the rhino conservation slot.

Overall I give this tour an A+++ because the tour was fantastic and I feel worth the price. I would gladly pay to do it again.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, I can’t say enough fantastic things about this tour.

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