Why you should go on sibling trip

So I have a younger brother… and as we get older we are very different, except when it comes to seafood we both hate seafood.

WE are argue politics, sea world… and well I feel we might just argue for the sake of arguing but it doesn’t matter he is my brother and at the end of the day I love him anyway.

Well in January, we ended up cruising to Mexico just the two of us.  While the cruise wasn’t up to my cruising standards I still had a blast with my brother.  We went to Mexico and I wouldn’t trade that trip for anything.  Our excursion was cancelled in Cozumel oh well, let’s go to Fat Tuesday’s and laugh at the overly intoxicated people…. WE even ticked off something major on bucket list… post coming soon… and celebrated his birthday.

I had a great time with my brother… sure he was the type that would go out to the club on the boat while  I stayed in to read… but it was a chance for me to realize that I love my brother more than anything in the world, and he is funny as hell.  It was a reminder of the reason’s I love my little brother and that we do in fact have a bond that will not be broken.

We have had a few arguments and disagreements lately and it has been very frustrating… but at the end of the day he is in fact my brother and he means the world to me and our little five day cruise reminded me of that.

So if you are finding you being annoyed with your siblings I recommend a sibling getaway… it doesn’t have to be a cruise it can be anything you imagine I just highly recommend it.  It will make you remember that at the end of the day that person is your sibling and I hope they will be there for you the way I know my brother will be there for me

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