Why I must go back to Belize

I have already wrote a post about my instant love for Belize. I can’t explain the immediate jolt of love I felt the minute I stepped off the ship.

It may have been the sea air, it may have been the people, the wildlife, the experience… it may have been EVERYTHING.

I do know that I will visit Belize again, and I am pretty sure it will be soon.

After swimming the Barrier Reef, we were told we would be taken back to the Island to clean up & spend some time on the island.

I spoke with one of the tour guides before we left about the Manatee Research Center that was on the island and I knew it would be my first stop.

After I quickly changed I went to the facility, no one was in there so I had the place to myself for about 20 minutes.

It was peaceful.  The entire island had this peaceful air to it, when I go back to Belize I am 90% positive I will stay on this island.

It really was remarkable.  Hell I might go back to get my diving certification.  They offer that, and the way I see it, I can get certified here in Texas, or Belize.  ummmm doesn’t seem like rocket science to me.

So rest assured fellow travelers, it is now on my *neverending* bucket list to get Padi Certified in Belize and spend a week in these cabanas.   Plus I really want to swim with the manatees.

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