Why I love Epcot

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Very soon I will be returning to the world, and in honor of the One More Day Promotion, I am posting about some of my favorite Disney experiences

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It is no secret that I want to travel and see the world. I want to step off planes in foreign and exotic lands, smile at people, learn cultures & languages, volunteer, make a difference, step out of my comfort zone and well live a little.

Epcot in a very round about way, allows me to do this without having to get my passport stamped. When you go to the World Showcase, it allows you to walk from one country to the next all in the course of a day. It allows you “visit” Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Morocco, France, The United Kingdom, Canada and the US.

You can shop for products that are often manufactured in those countries, eat “food from each country” and my favorite part, meet natives from each country. Disney uses Cast Members that are native to the country that the pavillion represent. So while I can’t really take off to Morocco and dive into their culture (at this time but hopefully soon!), it allows you to enjoy a little slice of the culture at one of the Happiest Places on Earth.

Another reason I love Epcot? I am a huge advocate for constant learning. Epcot allows me to do this. It is a very educational experience, and I think every time I go, I learn something new. You can learn about conservation and the need to recycle in the Land Pavillion. Sharks and Fish in the Sea’s Pavillion and so much more!

Anyway, here are some of my favorite pictures from around Epcot. Enjoy!

Also the photos are not the greatest as most were taken before with my crappy old camera, but I think they are awesome!

The Donald Pinata makes me giggle

$37,500 gets you this castle? Any takers?

I am pretty sure I am the only person in the world that LOVES this ride

What are the reasons YOU love Epcot?

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