What is in store for 2015?

Happy New Year and may it be your best one yet!

2014 has been an emotional up and down whirlwind, but one thing I learned from all of the low moments is that I am going to live my life and I am going to push it full steam ahead and hope for the best. You are never guaranteed tomorrow.

This year I have a lot of plans and I am seriously going to try and stick to every single one of them, but as you know with me you never know what you are going to get. I may cancel I may add… this will be a year of no regrets!

First this year’s New Year’s Resolutions 

-Get my book published! More on that soon promise!
-Travel as much as possible, umm duh!
-Visit 6 new states
-Visit three new countries (I think I will 😉 )
-Read 200 books.
-Save money
-Continue volunteering at the homeless shelter

So what do I have planned? Let’s get to it!  I have a very ambitious year planned so it will be interesting to see if I accomplish it all 🙂 I do want to note, these are plans but some are not quite concrete… just yet.  These are goals, but even as I right this I am debating moving my second volunteer trip around and into 2016… 

In a week I am spending a weekend in the Big Easy for Wizard World’s New Orleans Comic Con.  Everyone that has been with me for a while knows I am a uber nerd, and I am excited to experience con in a new city… Wonder who I will meet? Also I am planning on cosplaying at this con.  eek!



March 29 through April 11th I am going to…

Photos taken from IVHQ


Ecuador. Confession: when it came to deciding where I wanted to go in 2015, Ecuador wasn’t high on my list but as I was trying to decide where I wanted to volunteer, I knew I had to go to South America.  When it came time to decide where, I am not sure why but Ecuador stuck with me.  I have of course utilized my favorite volunteer organization, IVHQ and I can’t wait to go!  Any tips on where I should go?   I can’t decide what to do on the weekend  so I am very much open to suggestions. I am still planning and working on deciding exactly where I want to go.  This country is so diverse and it is VERY hard making these decisions.

June 19th I am jetting off to Sacramento CA where I am going to another Wizard World Comic Con.  Another confession, the ONLY reason I am going to this con is because Chris Hemsworth has been to this con for the past 2 years.  I know I am a serious FANGIRL but I am hoping he goes again this year, knowing my luck probably not but whatever I love California  shoot I might go spend a day at Disney, I don’t care if it is a drive 🙂



I have other things planned, they are just not concrete plans… yet.

This year took a lot of planning and some serious sacrifices.  I never went to happy hour and I watched more TV with my dad than I care to admit, but looking at my plans for this year… I am pretty sure all of it will be worth it 🙂

As always my plans change, and who knows what else I will throw into the mix.  I also had to hunt for DIRT cheap flights and book them when I could. It really has been a crazy year.

I plan on sharing “budget” posts because believe me I am not loaded.  This all came with a lot of planning and I want you to see with a little planning and research you can go anywhere your heart desires 🙂 Don’t believe me just google budget RTW travel… and you can see that you can travel too.

Also I am really going to try and get some sort of a healthy lifestyle change going on.  Last year I never really felt a 100% and I know it is because I consumed large quantities of caffeine, never exercised and ate crappy.  So while doing all of this I am going to try and focus on making healthier choices and try to get back to feeling 100% which I suppose is way more important than the traveling 🙂 (maybe)

What do you have planned this year?

What should I read?

Until next time,


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