What I would like to accomplish this year

Last year was interesting I found that while I got to do a lot of things I wanted to do it came at great cost on my relationships.   I also didn’t really write about traveling or adventuring… I pretty much only wrote about books.  Now while I love reading I much rather write about my journey.  Fortunately I have a lot of material I will be able to write about and I am excited to share it over the next few weeks.

This year my goals are pretty simple.  Take trips that matter, read 250 books, meet a few celebs and embrace minimalism.

I only have a couple of trips in the works right now.  I am currently planning a trip to Cuba and maybe India (for a wedding!).  Once I find a job and get my life back to balance then I might consider something else.   Right now I am really going to focus on me, rebuilding relationships in my life and focus on minimalism.

Last year I realized that a lot of the stuff in my life was just that… stuff and it was often stuff that kept me from doing things I really wanted to do.  In fact, most of it doesn’t really have any value to my life and I think it is time that I only have things in my life that add value.   I got so lost in having things that I really lost what was important in life.  It is not something I am proud of but this past year I did a lot of damage on personal relationships that I think it is time I really focus on what matters.

I am hoping to get my closet to 40 hangers.  That has been a struggle I swear the minute I get it down to 50 hangers I find another 20 items or so and BAM I am trying to unload more.   I am also trying to shred unnecessary mail and just declutter my life.  It is one hell of a challenge let me tell you.

When it comes to meeting celebrities I am cutting back on autographs.  I kinda got into a weird habit of getting autographs of people I didn’t know much about.  So I am going to start focusing on photos vs autographs.  I will continue getting autographs from people I do CARE about especially when it comes to shows I love… like the Walking Dead.

I am going to try and explore Dallas a bit more, there is still so much I have not seen in this city and I feel I really should try and focus on that.

So as you can see my year isn’t really exciting right now as I am trying to embrace balance and repair some damage I caused.  That being said I will post about travel and books as much as possible I just don’t have any crazy plans this year.





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