What I would like to accomplish in 2016

Hot damn it is 2016.  I can’t believe it, I was so glad to kick 2015 to the curb (sadly it was one of the worst years) and kick 2016’s ass.

That being said, I don’t really know what I am looking to accomplish this year.  Sure I have my usual reading challenges.  I want to read 250 books this year.  I want to make a dent on 1001 books to read  before you die list but those are easy goals what do I really want to accomplish?

So I sat down and thought what do I want to do in 2016?

I want to try and go international at least 2 times this year if I am going to make my 40 countries by time I am 40 goal I really need to step up my international travel game. 

That being said I learned one of the most valuable lessons of my life last year, I need to be much better about saving.  While I contribute to my 401k, I don’t really save much else.  So when something drastic, say like cataract surgery at 32, it is nice to have money so you don’t get in debt.  Which is what happened to me.  I am in debt now because I choose to never save.

So I need to save money.  I haven’t really set a number just yet, but I can assure you savings is a priority this year. I might even share “what I saved posts”

Continue to save money for my around the world trip fund.  I plan on taking this trip someday, I know it is possible and I will do it.  I just have other things I need to save for and plan for before doing that.  I am however going to continue stashing my money away into this account.

Travel the USA.  I often overlook the USA.  The more I think about what I want to do this year the more I realize that I need to focus on saving and getting out of debt.  So therefore that means international travel will have to take a backseat in 2016, although I am really going to try and go international twice.   The beauty of being an American is that I have 50 beautiful states I can explore.  I am really going to try and do what I can to get out and explore my country.

Try and not be so anti-corporate america.  I am not going to get into this too much but it is no secret corporate American makes me sick, it is also known that I work for  a major insurance company.  Well me being me, my mouth got me into a lot of trouble last year.  A lot.  What I said was not wrong and I stand by what I said, but in reality I could have approached it differently.  I almost lost my job over it, and while I admit I have issues with my company I do need my paycheck.  So I need to really try and not be so negative. 

Try to not turn down opportunities. This was a goal that I tried out last year and if I had to grade myself I would give myself a C- I could have done much better but I improved from the previous years.   Note: I will say that I improved when I cut a toxic relationship/friendship from my life in February.   So I urge you to look at your life and if there are people that make you feel worthless get rid of them, I promise you will feel so much better.  I had a person in my life that made me feel worthless and like I would never amount to anything.  When I cut him from my life I realized that I just didn’t want to do anything with him and that is why I turned down so many opportunities.   I am so much happier without him as a “friend”.  Friends do not make you feel worthless. 

So I am looking forward to saying yes more often this year. Who knows what it might bring?  I said yes to a random trip to the museum last year and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made in my life. 

So long story short while 2015 was challenging and ultimately kicked my ass I am looking forward to the adventures and changes coming in 2016.

Did you set any goals?

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