What I learned about Hawaii

Confession time… I obviously had a lot of misconceptions about Hawaii.  I expected surfers, big waves & lots of green mountains.

Don’t get me wrong I got all of that but I learned that there is more to Hawaii than Surfers, waves and green mountains. I am going to share some of the lessons I learned on this trip.


1. You have to fill out a form for the US Department of Agriculture before you get off the plane.

When the flight attendant handed me the form I handed it back and said I am a US citizen I don’t have to fill out a customs form. (I really thought she made a mistake). She then told me that everyone has to fill a form out due to the delicate nature of Hawaii’s ecosystem.

2. Hawaii is a rabies free zone.

As in no rabies in Hawaii. How anyone can control something like rabies is interesting. I learned they control this by quarantining all pets that travel with their owners before allowing them to stay on the island.


3. NO snakes in Hawaii.

I learned this on a tour. He said there are no snakes in Hawaii. I asked if he was joking, he said no. Again how they are able to control this is beyond me. Honestly I thought the guy was joking so I asked another person and they told me the same thing. So if you hate snakes, pack your stuff and move to Hawaii. 🙂

4. No Poison Ivy.

While I am one of the lucky few that is not allergic to poison ivy. However, it is my understanding this a painful rash. Another perk of moving to Hawaii no poison ivy.

5. President Truman’s Daughter Christened the USS Missouri.

There is a lot of speculation as to why President Truman chose the Missouri to be the site where the surrender papers were signed. Some say this is why.

6. The only country Japan has ever surrendered to is the USA

Japan doesn’t surrender but they surrendered to us. I know the Japanese culture is a very proud & disciplined. I was very shocked to learn this.

7. There are more Japanese in Hawaii than Americans.

Again I am pretty liberal and I do not care who travels to our country, but I was surprised that there were more Japanese tourists than American. In fact most announcements were in Japanese first then English. I found it fascinating.

8. Pineapple contains an enzyme that helps break your food down after eating

I learned this at the dole plantation. Apparently there is an enzyme in pineapple that helps break down proteins.

So this is just a quick lesson on Hawaii, hopefully this helps you when you decide to go. I will be sharing lots of stuff in the coming weeks, I loved my time in Hawaii, and I really can’t wait to get back.

I will share lots of photos with you in the next weeks to, even though my  DSLR was out of commission for this trip, I still managed to capture some of the majestic beauty that is Hawaii 🙂

2 thoughts on “What I learned about Hawaii”

    1. YES!

      Japan is on my list of countries to visit, soon. It was so interesting seeing Pearl Harbor & The Missouri with so many Americans & Japanese… we often forget it means something for them too. I loved my time there. I want to go back. Bad.

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