What does Jen have planned the next few months…

Guys… I am so stir crazy at the moment.

When I started 2015 saying I was going to get back to being healthy I had no clue it would result in the massive medical bills that I have accrued.

I will say however it is nice knowing what has been causing some of my issues, I just wish it wasn’t so damn expensive.

It is April 2nd, and Spring is officially in the air.  I can’t believe Spring is upon us.  It will be Summer before we know it (a couple of weeks for us Texans) and all my plans have completely 100% gone out of the window.  I should be in Ecuador right now but alas I am sitting on the couch watching at my very cute puppy try to figure out what he can get into.

And thanks to the cataracts I am really no longer legal to drive so therefore with the exception of going to work and Houston occasionally, I stay home.

So it should go without saying I am so freaking bored.

Thankfully there is light at the end of the tunnel and in June I will have had my first eye surgery, but that is still two months away.  So without further ado… my plans to cure my boredom.

I am going to keep paying down debt.

Sadly with medical bills comes more debt, that being said I am in a situation right now that my bills are getting minimal so I am going to focus on paying down what I can as fast as I can.


I am going to continue finishing all those unfinished craft projects.

I have a huge list of unfinished costumes, projects, scrap books… you name it, it is likely on my list.  So my goal is to continue finishing as many projects as I can.

Photo Credit: Big Berube
Photo Credit: Big Berube

I am going to try and finish outlining my book idea. 

I have really been wanting to write lately, but honestly with eyes being the way they are, it is hard.  Looking at a computer wears them out very quickly so this may just need to wait until after the surgery.

Get caught up on: The Walking Dead, Lost Girl, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Castle, Revenge & Once Upon a Time. 

Netflix is my friend.  I am trying to finish up shows that I have been told to watch, or shows that I actively watched but stopped for whatever reason.   Other shows that have been recommended, Friends (yes I have never watched it), How I met your Mother and Two Broke Girls.

Read err Listen to books I have been wanting to read. 

All I can say is thank God for Kindle Unlimited.  Needless to say the 9.99 a month is probably the best 9.99 I have spent lately.  I have been listening to a ton of books, because reading gives me a migraine/  My goal was to read 200 books this year and to be frank that goal is not looking like it would get met.  Plus JMM is very anti Jen reading right now because of the migraines…

Plan the two trips I have planned with my mom. 

After the surgery my mom and I are spending two weekends together one in Atlanta and one in New York City.  I can’t wait.    I am also trying to convince JMM we need to go to Vegas for his birthday, so I am planning that too for when he says yes, because he TOTALLY will.  I have that effect.

Try to continue taking Scooter Boot AKA Splinter for daily walks.  

I am trying to get daily exercise, because I would be lying if I said that not being able to get out much has depressed me a bit, so I am really trying to make a very solid effort and get exercise to help with the mild depression I have been having.  It has been helping.  I am also trying to make an effort in eating healthy and cutting bad sugars from my diet.

Sell Paparazzi to raise money for charities. 

I started selling the $5 accessory line to help raise money for my volunteer trips abroad. As Ecuador has been pushed back but for the most part is paid for, I have decided that I can use this line as a force for good too, and that is what I intend to do.    April I have two events booked.    I am picking charities that I care about and raising money for them.

April my charity is Homeward Bound in Bedford TX.  This is going to be my go to charity because this the charity that brought me Splinter, and I am just in love with the work they do!!!! If you are in the USA you should totally swing by my facebook event for the charity and go shopping! Click HERE

I am still deciding on my May charity.

Continue working on my Travel by Book or Movie project.

I am actually having a lot fun working on this.  It is always fun to find a new book set in a new country that I am hoping to some day experience.  I still have a few book reviews to post… If you have any suggestions please contact me at TheCubicleEscapee@yahoo.com and type Book Recommendation in the subject line.

So there you have it! How I am trying to fight off my boredom in my travel drought.  Any suggestions of things I should do?

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