Weekend Buy List

Last night, I evaluated my nightly beauty routine and decided it was time to change a few things… mostly add a wrinkle night cream and an eye cream.   I am also on the hunt for a nightly toothpaste that is cruelty free.   I did my research and these are the items I found.   I have been wanting to buy the Alba Even Advanced night cream for quite some time so I will be adding that to my bag.

I love e.l.f shadows so I think I will give this eye cream a chance.  Plus I am a sucker for the word illuminating.  I mean I want illuminating eyes.

I am constantly looking for a cruelty tooth paste that  brightens my teeth and keeps my breath fresh.    Still looking… I struggle with this but I found this one and I am hoping it will do the trick.

Have you tried any of these products?   Do you have suggestions?

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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