Week one of my savings challenge

So it is day 7 of my savings challenge and I have saved $23.10.

Ok I know that as a long way from $1000 but this week was more about streamlining and getting prepared for larger deposits that I am planning on making this week and next week.

Now I know what you are thinking and I know $23 is not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things… but considering that my savings account has been sitting at 0 for about 4 months now I am excited to say there is money in it.

So where did the $23.10 come from?

I made an initial $5 money transfer the day I started my challenge, I had a random 5 bucks and I decided it was time to get that into an account before I spent it.   The remainder $18.10 came from selling a damaged iPhone.   I dropped my phone in water a month ago and it was just laying around taking up space and I knew I was never going to use it again, so I sold it and got $18 bucks which I automatically transferred into the account.

This week things are going to be a bit different as I am selling a few items and I do have a bit of extra money coming in on Friday  (I have been working 50-70 hour weeks) so we should see a jump in money when the 14th rolls around.

Also, I want to share for the record I work 2 part time jobs making less than $13 a hour… so my income is not amazing and in fact it can force me to be pay check to pay check… which is why I am doing this challenge to show YOU that you can end the pay check to pay check cycle and live the life of your dreams!  Plus I really want an emergency fund before I start tackling my credit card next month (which will be July & August’s money challenge).

If you are taking part in the challenge… let me know how you did in the comments below, share what you did to save money.

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