Week one of my No Spend Challenge how did I do?

So I am on day 7 of my no spend challenge? How did I do… I spent… DRUM ROLL please…

3.21 dollars. I splurged and got ice cream & the moment I realized it, I was like  ugh I just ruined it, but in the grand scheme of things I didn’t do bad, especially for me.

I also didn’t do too bad in getting some things done. I finished my Guatemalan Scrapbook pages…

I also managed to clean out a few books on my to be read list. Reviews have been posted 🙂

I also cleaned out a good chunk of stuff this past week. I am trying to decide if I want to write a post over this, purging crap you don’t use or want is very invigorating.  I am also finding that getting rid of things just makes me feel lighter.

Overall I ate healthier, I had to cook my meals and because of this I ate healthy wholesome foods. My jeans are bigger…. hmmm.

I made $45 by selling stuff that was taking up space & was able to put that towards my debt of the month.

So I feel this was a very successful week. This week I am going to continue cleaning out items I don’t want via eBay. I am planning on mending some of my clothing items I love but have ripped at the seam or whatever.

This week is about getting my life more balanced and focusing on feeling present and I can say I do feel much better than I did a week ago.

Those of you that are with me, how did you do?

What was challenging?

-Quitting caffeine… again. Oh the headaches.
-Lunch. I love walking to La Madeline & Pei Wei for lunch, skipping lunch out was a challenge, but I still took walks when the weather cooperated.
-Motivation was a bit of challenge but I remembered I am doing this so I can pay off a card & plan a trip later in the year. Remembering that kept me motivated.

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