Volunteering on a Coffee Farm

I loved Guatemala.  This is not a secret.  In fact I am strongly considering going back next year.

Given I spent time on the coffee farm, I know there are people considering trying this project out so I wanted to share with you the truth (the whole truth) about volunteering with As Green as It Gets.


First know the views are breathtaking

Daily Views 8

So beautiful it can make you forget your are “working”

The work is hard, you will get dirty, and you need to have more than a “basic” fitness level

Hard working
Hard working
You will get dirty
You will get dirty
The walk up is HARD
The walk up is HARD

I want to blame the “altitude” as to why I was breathless on the hikes up the volcano, but the reality is I was out of shape. It was a very hard hike up for me. So if you go, exercise. I am not kidding. If you are an office junkie like me who sees the gym once a month, you will STRUGGLE.

This was the day we picked the coffee cherries it was hard but satisfying work.  I promise if you go and experience this, you will never regret it.

Just understand you will get dirty, you will have some serious exercise, and you will have breathtaking vies.

The hard work is worth it, especially to see the Farmers smile. 

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