Update on my book drive for the African Library Project


I have been working on this book drive for just over two weeks and I want to say the results have been AMAZING.  I have amazing friends, co-workers and family.  Everyone has been donating books, having their church organize drives for me and even a few companies including my own company have stepped in to help.   I have already collected enough books for my first library in Ghana.

Yesterday I just signed up for my second library and I am well on my way to collect enough books for that library.  I still have 7 weeks to go and my momentum is not going to stop.  I would love to be able to fund three libraries in Ghana.  If I can fund more, then by all means let me do it.

That being said I am asking for your help, part of the funding is raising enough money for shipping costs to Africa.  The shipping cost is approx $250 to ship 1000 books to Africa.   I am starting my second library so that means I have $500 I need to raise between now and April 10th.   I am asking you my friends to help me, give $1 give $5 give whatever you can give as the books are going to give a child a chance at reading.  Something I clearly love and have passion about.   If you can’t give that is ok, just share this with your friends.  Every dime given to me will go to the African Library Project to support this amazing organization.

Please donate at my GoFundMe that I have included before and help me get these amazing books to Ghana.  I personally remember the first time I read RL Stine and fell in love with reading and I want every child in the world to have the same opportunity.

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