Two cards now paid off but not out of the woods yet…

Yesterday was my pay day and it was a very victorious day.

I paid off the balance of two small debts, the road to being debt free in 2016 has been a long challenging journey. I am not out of the woods yet and believe me there are times I think it is not worth it. I feel like money is an obsession this year almost like I have to justify every single penny I spend. There have been times that I am just like screw this, I am never getting on the road I should go shopping. Yes this has happened I ended up with a pair of Burberry sunglasses from that melt down.

Luckily, I got back on track.

I am saving a very small amount into my RTW fund every month & setting up money challenges to help boost that savings, but I know my big savings will not start until next year. I really have to focus on debt, so when and if I get my bonus check in March I will be 100% debt free.

I have had other travel buddies tell me to just save the money and travel now and work the payments into my budget, because I am not getting any younger. I have been told this numerous times.

While yes I do in fact turn 34 this year, I also know my personality and my personality really is high stress.

I would not be able to enjoy waking up every morning in Asia if I knew I had a HUGE amount of debt I was still paying off. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my dream trip the way I want if I knew the money I saved could wipe out some debt I have. SO I know for me personally this is the best course of action and in reality it only adds a year on my time line.

That being said when I had my melt down in January I had two goals, save 5-10% of my RTW trip budget and pay off all debt except for one final credit card.

So far I am on pace to hit both goals. Yay!

I am also slowly working on a plan that I will be able to travel very long term, I hope to reveal it next year, I am just trying to get it completely planned & organized with some of my friends who are serious financial gurus, they told me I have a few flaws but they think it can be worked out. When I have it perfected and set up I will certainly share. I am pretty excited because I really do think it will work once I have the details ironed out.

I share my journey in planning my RTW and getting out of debt because I really do know anyone can do this. Anyone. There are a few people at my job that know my plans and the one question they ask is how are you going to afford it and seriously how am I going to be ok with leaving everything behind?

Believe me the journey is NOT easy, I sacrifice a lot. When I am invited to dinner I often have to say no because I am very budgeted and I did not budget for dinner. I wait in lines for two hours to see a movie premier versus paying for it when it comes out… I bring lunch & drink only water. In the grand scheme of the world it isn’t really big sacrifices but to the people in my world they think I am crazy.

I am also trying to become a minimalist. I am starting to eradicate things I no longer use and that is also a challenge. I find myself often justifying why I should keep something even though I have NOT used it. It is very easy to get attached to stuff & I am currently undergoing My 90 Day Challenge and wow challenge is an understatement. I know deep down I have 100s of things I can get rid of but I struggle with each and every item, but slowly I am getting through it. I don’t know if I will pull it off but we will see in September.

This has turned into a very long post where really all I wanted to say is I have taken another step in my debt pay down journey.

This month I am hoping to pay off a loan and another credit card in regards to my savings I am also hoping to get 3% of my RTW budget saved especially since I am saving all the money I make from my 90 day challenge. I am finding saving 1% at a time makes it way EASIER than shooting for the full 75k.

Again this is just an update in my journey, I highly encourage you to take it with me if you are in debt. You don’t have to go Napoleon the world like I want to but getting out of debt really does make a difference in your life. It starts with creating a budget and going from there… You can do this.

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