True Blood Rant (again!) Major Spoilers Ahead

Ok that is it, I am going  back to planning my next vacation, because clearly I am way too emotionally invested into True Blood. I need to go back to planning vacations for 2015, so I can freaking act like normal Jen and stop fangirling over TV shows. So after this rant of True Blood I am going back to trips & books. Something I enjoy a whole lot more.

If you did not see last night’s True Blood, well read at your own risk, cause I am not holding back. That being said.

WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First: Let’s talk about this season.

This season is moving slow, yes yes they have killed off Tara, Ms. Fortenberry and NOW ALCIDE (don’t worry I am getting to that) but in between these stupid death scenes (that I am convinced are just for shock value), the season sucks.  It is almost like they are writing the show based on what magic 8 ball says.

“Magic 8 ball should we kill Alcide”

“The future looks grim”

Get me?

I was already pissed how they cheaply killed Tara in the very beginning.  They just killed her.  This was a character that had a shit life and they just killed her.  No fight, no love confessions… nothing.

Ms. Fortenberry, eh I think she has had the best death thus far, at least she went gone down with a fight. Sure she didn’t stand a chance against the vamp but at least she shot first

Which brings me to Alcide.


It is absolutely no secret that I only watch the show because Joe Maganiello is on the show.   I thought he was a fantastic Alcide, exactly how I pictured him in the book. He was the only character worth watching.

His character was the only one that I felt still somewhat held true to the book. I felt he was fiercely strong, protective and not using Sookie to satisfy his own need.


He was a sweet guy, that truly loved Sookie.  In fact he was very passionate and didn’t really ask much of her, just to be with him. I could go on and on and on, as to why Alcide was a much better choice than the vamps.  However American women like the Christian Grey types not the Alcide types.

Sorry guys and gals, I will never be Team Vamp

But oh hell no, Sookie needs to have crazy vamp sex again, so let’s just kill him. She needs drama and vamps that only care for her because she has fairy blood. Or because she can read minds and move their agenda forward. Sorry I have always felt that the vamps may like her, but they liked her because she could advance their agendas.

That all being said, realistically I think it was very obvious Alcide was going to have to die, especially since at the end of last season he was with Sookie. (I can think of a better way, but obviously the writers didn’t ask me!)

Too many people are Team Bill or Team Eric.

However just about everyone can agree that Alcide is too great of a guy that Sookie just couldn’t leave him with out causing an uproar. People don’t want to see that.

So they killed him.

How they killed him is where I have HUGE FREAKING PROBLEMS.

Ok I am the first person to admit, Joe is hot as hell and has the body of a Greek god (or Roman since he is part Italian, whatever you get my point) but for him to get shot in the shoulder then in the head by a hill billy asshole in the woods naked.

Don’t care how hot he is ya’ll, Alcide deserved better. He was a passionate character, I really wish that not only would he at least have pants on but that he went out with a hell of a fight.

Just like Tara it was a death that cheapened the character.

Yes I could go on and on and on about the jacked up nature of True Blood, but I am not going to plan my Sunday nights around the show anymore. Sure I will finish the show out, I am way too invested into the show and a glutton for punishment so I need to know how it ends.

But when the only reason you watch a show dies, well do you really have a reason to watch?

Oh well that is my two cents. I am going to go plan a trip to Central or South America… cause honestly that is more exciting that this season of True Blood.

Until Next Time.

PS she ends up with Sam in the books, that is what I am hoping for. Screw these vamps.

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  1. Hi Jen. I’m pretty sure I met your mom on a flight from Denver to Dallas back in May. We hit it off great and she gave me her card but I lost it. I couldn’t remember the name of your blog she told me about until today. Anyways, the lady’s name was Kim I think and works for shutterfly. If that’s your mom, would you please give her my email? I really want to keepin touch!

    1. Hi!

      I took your email out of the comment. That is my mother, I will let her know! thanks for remembering my blog name 🙂

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