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Aww bucket lists…. I have a semi issue with bucket lists, because if you are like me, you are constantly adding new things to your list.  Every time I have a conversation, read a book… watch the travel channel, something gets added. Which is why my list will always be ongoing, and I know I will never accomplish EVERYTHING I want to do

Which is the reason I am going to create my reverse bucket list.  Things that were once on my list that I accomplished.  I just think life is better that way. I do it for my own self satisfaction for the days I am all depressed that I never do anything. ha! I am also going to cap this list at 250, once I get to that point, I will need to accomplish something in order for me to add something else.

My list is always changing and being added to, here are the current things on my list 🙂

1. Try out for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
2. Cave tube in Belize
3. Swim with Whale Sharks
4. Swim with dolphins
5. Spend a night in every state
6. See every state capital
7. Run a marathon
8. Run a marathon in every state
9. Volunteer in South America
10. Visit Lisbon
11. Swim with sea turtles
12. See baby sea turtles run for the ocean.
13. Take a trek to see the Cross River Gorillas in Cameroon
14. Write a book
15. Get Scuba Certified
16. Dive the Blue Hole in Belize
17. Hike the Inca Trail
18. See Tikal
19. Take surfing lessons
20. Become fluent in a foreign language
21. Learn to write Mandarin
22. Take an African Safari
23. Swim in Jellyfish Lake
24. Run a Iron Man
25. Travel the world for a year
26. Volunteer in South Africa
27. Dive the Wall in St. Croix
28. Wear a costume at San Diego Comic Con
29. Spend a night in Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho
30. See 40 countries before I am 40
31. Sand surf the dunes in Namibia
32. read 250 books in one year
33. Go vegan for at least 6 months
34. Eat pizza in Naples
35. Go to the 5 comic con’s in one year
36. Go to Nicaragua
37. Spend a month in Sri Lanka
38. Write a Novel
39. Buy a Beach House
40. Swim in the Amalfi Coast
41. Meet Stan Lee
42. Cage dive with the Great Whites
43. Hike the Wave in Arizona or Utah!
44. Step on all 7 Continents
45. Get my TEFL
46. Go to Sri Lanka
47. Swim with the sea turtles
48. Watch all of 100 Greatests Films of all Time
49. Go on a weekend yoga retreat
50.  learn to say hello in 25 languages
51. See killer whales in their natural habitat
52. Take an extended around the world cruise
53. Volunteer in Africa
54. Volunteer with IVHQ’s Surf Camp in South Africa
55. Spend a week in Napa drinking wine
56. Go to Boston
57. Adopt a sea turtle
58. Swim with the manatees
59. Join an Earth Watch Expedition
60. Go to Cuba
61. Road Trip through Canada
62. See the Pink capital of Argentina 😉
63. Swim in Pink Lake
64. See the Taj Mahal
65. Sail through Thailand
66. Visit Colmar France
67. Swim in the Great Lakes
68. See if boiling water really does turn to snow in negative temps.
69. Spend some time in Charleston SC
70. Go to the Woolly Worm Festival
71. Sail through Norway and prove they are my “people”
72. Stay in a bungalow in Bora Bora
73. Meet Chris Evans
74. Drink Champagne in France
75. Meet Chris Hemsworth
76. Meet Kristen Bell
77. Dress like a Zombie
78. Go to Mexico during the Dia de los Muertos
79. See Victoria Falls
80. Visit Disney During Star Wars Days
81. run a Disney marathon
82 Complete the Dopey Challenge
84. Visit Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
85. Goblin Valley State Park, Utah
86. Spend a night in the Panda Inn, Sichuan, China
87. Visit Las Pozas, Xilitla, Mexico
88. Go to learn to ski
89. Attend an Indian wedding in India
90. Attend the Jane Austen Festival in Bath England
91. Volunteer at Elephant Nature Park in Chang Mai Thailand
92.  Go to Glacier National Park
93. Sleep in a Yurt
94. Spend a weekend at Hyde Park for Jane Austen Weekends Vermont
95. Stay and help out at the Toucan Rescue Ranch- Costa Rica
96. Go to Nantucket
97. Go Antarctica
98. Attend the Iheart radio Festival
99. Catch a piranha
100. See a clown fish in the Ocean
101. Get a tattoo
102. Go to the Lobster Festival in Maine
103. Cruise the Maldives
104. Go on an archaeological dig
105. Participate in a HelpStay
106. Take a cooking class in abroad
107. Stay in a Tuscan Villa
108. Go to DragonCon in my USO girl costume
109. Complete the 1001 Book list
110. Try 15 different types of Ethnic Cuisine
111. Take a cooking class
112.  Swim with the pigs in the bahamas
113. Go Ice Skating
114. Learn to sew a zipper
115. Make a quilt to donate
116. Learn to eat with chop sticks
117. Try to paint with Bob Ross
118. Save one month of expenses in my emergency fund.
119. Give up caffeine
120. Watch every James Bond movie
121. Take a jumping photo
122. Start a cookbook of my favorite recipes
123. Go to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show
124. Eat fried bubble gum at the State Fair of Texas
125. Bake an apple pie from scratch
126. Go on a ghost tour
127. Go on the Behind the Seeds Tour at Epcot
128. Go to Mickey’s “Very Merry Christmas” party
129. Drink a Gran Marnier Slush in France at Epcot
130. Eat something from the Morocco Pavilion at Epcot
131. Save $1000 in my RTW fund
132. Take a spontaneous road trip without any destination
133. Read a book set in every South American Country


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