Travel Thursday

Hey guys!  This week’s travel montage is eccentric.  Obviously my mood was swayed to escape, so I found a lot of great stories of those that have escaped.  While I am still staying in my cubicle I always find it inspirational to read about those that have left it behind.

So enjoy my montage of crazy articles that inspired me in some way.

First up, a man who worked for THE Ralph Lauren left that really cool job to follow his dreams, I must admit I am jealous.

Man Leaves Job

The next article I want to share I found very interesting. I think travel addiction is real. There are days at WORK where I google different things all related to travel and sometimes I do that too much and I get behind. I dream about travel, I will buy books where the setting is obscure and I want to read about it. I google volunteer abroad, Asia, Europe, Best Beaches, How to quit my job and travel daily. I am an extreme travel addict, that much is true, but depression after a trip I am not quite there yet, but I get it. So yes I think travel addiction is real, and like any addiction it can be bad for you.

In fact one of the quotes spoke out to me in a big way

“Travel addicts feel an intense urge to travel. There are definitely times when taking a trip can be harmful in more ways than one (think terrorism, environmental effects, monetary restraints), but we still hop on a plane, mostly because we are in denial of the negative effects travel might have on our lives.”

I have said NUMEROUS times, I would take a trip to Nigeria, Congo… etc if it was offered up for free, yes even with the Ebola crisis, I would go. Had I became a medical doctor like I planned, I would already be gone. Every person that loves me says I am insane, but they know that to be true.

Travel Addiction

Lately I am obsessed with all things Sri Lanka, so I am very aware of the recent “travel warning” the US issued to it’s citizens. I found it interesting that Sri Lanka fought back, here is another interesting article.  Was the warning false?  Eh only our government knows that for sure.

and yes, I still want to go to Sri Lanka. Bad.

Sri Lanka slams “false” US travel warning

September is one of my favorite months to travel, it is typically considered the shoulder season, the weather is favorable and typically you find some pretty awesome deals, and less crowds.  This guy agrees with me and I figure I need to share I am not alone in my crazy little world

September Travel


Mcdonald’s now on a plane?  While I am not a fan of McDonald’s I would be a fan of grabbing some fries here.


I love travel related things (as I stated above I am addicted!) I have travel themed glasses, a box of travel magazines… I just learned about vintage travel posters, and I have been on the look out.  I loved this article, because recently a coworker told me I should take over the wall my cubicle is conveniently located and start putting up signs… believe me I am considering it 🙂

Vintage Travel Posters

Well that is all peeps!  Let me know if you have read anything about travel lately! I am always on the look out

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