Travel Book Tuesday


For starters, I found the tips in the book to be well thought out and well explained.

The author explains every thing from booking flights, hotels to how you should dress appropriatly when visiting different exotic locations.

Personally I found the two wallet tip a great tip and I plan on using it on my upcoming trip to Guatemala.

For the more experienced traveler you may find some of the tips a little “dumbed down” but for those who need extra help in planning a trip, I find this a perfect guide to help you plan a trip from Costa Rica to China to Cambodia.

The book is well organized from planning the trip all the way to what to do when you come back home.

I don’t really think this is the best guide for someone who may be planning a trip around the world, but if you are planning a 1-2 weeks vacation this book is perfect for you.

In fact I think this is the perfect book for any Cubicle Escapee đŸ˜‰

I give this book 5 stars!


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