Travel Book Review: Travel the World! by Dagny Taggart

I recently subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, because with the $9.99 monthly membership price tag it goes without saying it will save me money in the long haul.

I am also in the middle of planning a lot of trips, so Travel Books have once again become and addiction.

Today I bring you the short book by Dagny Taggart, Travel The World! How to Do It, Where to Go & Why It’s Cheaper Than You Think

This was a very short read, I have been following quite a few budget travel bloggers for quite some time

Within 1 page of the book, the author pulled me. I have been great at finding someone like me and let’s be honest peeps Dahny Taggart gets me.

I love how she (I am assuming she is a she lol) states that travel isn’t a science but in fact an art.  This is so true.

Personally I found this book a great cheerleader on finding a way to travel the world for an extended time period.

I hear excuses all the time about why people don’t travel. I felt the book did a great job saying make a plan stick to it and go.

Overall this book is a fun, whitty cheerleader to motivate you to get out there and go!

Like I needed motivation.

My Grade: A


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