Trail Mix by Paulita Kincer


Title: Trail Mix
Author: Paulita Kincer
Publisher: Oblique Presse
Publication Date: August 30, 2014
Format: Paperback / eBook (.mobi format for Kindle)
Pages: 220
ISBN: 978-1312462502
Genre: Women’s Fiction / Travel / Adventure

Book Description:
In the tradition of Wild by Cheryl Strayed, comes a novel of two suburban women who decide to hike the Appalachian Trail, escaping their lives as moms and wives in search of nature, adventure, and the ultimate diet plan.
How does a woman know what she wants after spending 20 years thinking about her husband and children? Sometimes it takes a distraction from everyday life, time to examine the forest before the trees become clear. With no previous camping experience, Andi and Jess begin the 2100-mile odyssey from Georgia to Maine. The friends figure life on the trail can’t possibly be worse than dealing with disgruntled husbands, sullen teens home from college, and a general malaise that has crept up in their daily lives. At the very least, the women are bound to return home thin.

Book Trailer:

My Review: For starters this book was AMAZING I read it while sunbathing on a cruise ship and while I resting and relaxing on the ship I couldn’t help but think I really should do this.   The book was a fantastically paced book that brought me insight into the challenges that come with everyday life while planning a trip of this magnitude.

It is not everyday that I find a book touches all of my emotions, this one did that.  I found the book thrilling & inspiring, seriously who wants to train with me and hike this trail?

As a girl that loves to travel and inspires to have adventures on a daily basis I think this book is one that is worth reading if you have an adventurous spirit like me.  This book is both thrilling and exhilarating and yes there were moments that were touching and heartwarming.

Also can I just say I personally want to be these ladies friends, so if  you EVER come to Dallas tweet me?  I would love to sit down and chat with you.

This book is a worthy read for anyone with a touch of an adventurous spirit.  It was a very fast read that I enjoyed every minute of.  Plus the whole return thin thing made me laugh out loud, it makes me think of the reason my mom wanted to go to Ecuador. 🙂

Solid 4 stars.


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Paulita Kincer is the author of three novels, The Summer of France, I See London I See France, and Trail Mix. She has an M.A. in journalism from American University and has written for The Baltimore Sun, The St. Petersburg Times, The Tampa Tribune, and The Columbus Dispatch. She currently teaches college English and lives in Columbus, Ohio, with her husband and three children.

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5 thoughts on “Trail Mix by Paulita Kincer”

  1. Jen, Be careful what you wish for! When I decided to write Trail Mix, I sent an email out to my friends and asked if anyone wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail. Three friends agreed to come along, and the novel was born.
    I’m so honored by your review and your enthusiasm. I’ll meet you on the Appalachian Trail some time.
    Paulita recently posted…Dreaming of France — Monet’s GardenMy Profile

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