Time’s Divide by Rysa Walker


Summary: The Cyrists are swiftly moving into position to begin the Culling, and Kate’s options are dwindling. With each jump to the past or the future, Kate may trigger a new timeline shift. Worse, the loyalties of those around her—including the allegiances of Kiernan and the Fifth Column, the shadowy group working with Kate—are increasingly unclear.

Kate will risk everything, including her life, to prevent the future her grandfather and the Cyrists have planned. But, when time runs out, it may take an even bigger sacrifice to protect the people she loves.

I am not going to review this book, because I am worried I will spoil it, and I don’t want to spoil any of the books if you have not read them but I will say this book is AMAZING and so fast paced.  This is the third and final book so if you have not read this series go do yourself a favor and do it.  Now.

This book is probably one of the best time travel books I have ever read.  Time travel is done so well in this book and it does not confuse you at all! Love this series.  I am so sad it is over.

Plus I am going to be honest if you want to travel the ENTIRE world in one series, this series is for you. She goes everywhere throughout time in this series.

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