Time to Nerd Out

Friday might as well be a holiday for me, why you ask?

image taken from www.moviecricket.com

Captain America comes out on Friday.  It is not really a secret that I am a huge nerd, and I am always looking for ways to

A: Escape my Cubicle and

B: Make  my cubicle more enjoyable.

since I can’t just up and quite my job, I decided to take a lesson from The Nerdy Girlie and have fun doing a little every day Cosplay.

Avenger’s Style. 

As I am obsessed with Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderman… I mean really the list never ends.  I might as well include them in my daily life.

I figure this blog is clearly the blog of a lunatic, so I might as well dress like one 😉

Stay tuned for the pics!

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