Thirty Postcards Away by Sara Ventas



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Country Set in: Spain

Today’s book takes you Malaga Spain, before this book I had never heard of this beautiful city.  I did a little research so I could figure out where the main characters lived.

Wowza, I am ready to book a flight… Want some proof this place might be magic?

Photo Credit: wikipedia
Photo Credit: wikipedia

One thing that will almost immediately make me love a book is when a character has flaws.  Especially when they are personality flaws.   Both characters had flaws and had made bad decisions.   The situations that occurred in this book were not only realistic but were easy to relate to.

Just about everyone has had some form of relationship drama and I found some of the situations in this book I could personally relate to.

Sofia was a character that was slightly over the top when it came to relationships but I found her believable nonetheless.  She felt like she was that friend who made bad decisions regarding men but all you could do was cringe and be there for her (we all have friends like that!)

Jaime also felt believable sure he made a garbage decision about how to end his marriage but at the same time I don’t really give into that “once a cheater always a cheater mentality” (Do not worry I have not ruined the book for you) but because he cheated I can see why the situation between Jaime and Sofia escalated to the point it did.

Overall I loved this book and I found the scenery described made me curious about a city I had never heard of and can help fuel any wanderlust about Spain you might have.

I give this book five stars because it was a fun, fresh and fast read that can help satisfy any need for a quick romance or your wanderlust about Spain.

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