The Touristy Side of Tombstone

Yesterday I told you how Tombstone Stole My Heart

Today, I am going to tell you about the Touristy part of Tombstone.
Tombstone Tourist 4

When I walked out of the court house, feeling completely educated on the lifestyle in the old west, I smacked into this…

Tombstone Tourist 2Tombstone Tourist 3
At first I was stunned that there would be a little touristy section like this in Tombstone, but then I found myself walking around & exploring it for fun.

Overall, next time if I am every lucky enough to make it to Tombstone again, I will bypass it, but I can see why this would be fun for the kiddos.

Here are the pics, Enjoy!

Tombstone Tourist 5Tombstone Tourist 7Tombstone Tourist 8Tombstone Tourist 9Tombstone Tourist 10Tombstone Tourist 14Tombstone Tourist 18

There are more photos on my facebook page here

Until Next Time

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