The Time I thought a Horse was a statue

See here is the thing,  I really love traveling (in case you could not tell) and when I travel I throw all my inhabitions into the wind and lose complete control of my surroundings and live in the moment.

So the fact that I did not notice a real horse was not a statute but a REAL horse is sad.

Ok let me back up.

We had just arrived in Iowa, and like always I just had to stop at the Welcome Center. cause to Jen, New state equals new Welcome Center and I just had to stop. (go ahead roll your eyes)

My quick snap with my ipad from the car... Welcome to Iowa
My quick snap with my ipad from the car… Welcome to Iowa

Except this was not really a welcome center.

IA 2

IA 3

IA 6

It was an Amish Store. Whaaatt? there are Amish in Iowa? I really thought the Amish were mostly in the North East. Clearly I need to read up on Amish more, because I was misunderstood.

Nontheless, I went into the store and walked around. The store was next to a Maid Rite and I must admit even though it is not “technically” a Welcome Center, it is a nice place to stop and stretch your legs.

I am going out to take pictures of the statues” I told the person I arrived with.

IA 4

IA 5

As I am outside snapping away, all of the sudden the HORSE MOVED.

IA 7


and let me say I not only yelped I also jumped.

and to make it worse, I say something along the lines of the statute just moved.

I was humilated.

I quickly took a couple more photos & was ready to go. I couldn’t believe I thought a horse that was soooo obviously real was a statute.
IA 9

IA 10

Either way, I took this as a sign that my trip was going to be one worth remembering.

2 thoughts on “The Time I thought a Horse was a statue”

  1. Yes, lots of Amish live outside Lamoni.They are exclusive and consider others outside their group as English… These Amish speaker German first and English second. Come back in the spring to experience the Amish produce auction. That is an experience…..

    1. Oh wow, shame I did not know about that when I was passing through. It was my first time to Iowa, and I really enjoyed my time there. I will have to remember that for sure!

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