The Romeo Catchers (The Casquette Girls #2)


Tormented by the fate she condemned her mother to, and by the lies she’s forced to tell to cover it up, Adele scours Storm-ravaged New Orleans for the truth about her family’s magical past. But every turn leads her back to the one person she’s determined to forget: Niccolò Medici. Not even the multitude of enchanted locks on the attic door trapping Nicco within can break their connection.

Sensing Nicco calling to Adele, Isaac tries relentlessly to keep her from exploring paths too dark that would endanger them all. But a new threat is rising: the Medici’s presence has attracted something else to New Orleans…an older enemy, one that will bring Isaac’s haunted past to life, test the witches’ friendships, and jeopardize Adele and Isaac’s blossoming relationship.

In this spellbinding continuation of The Casquette Girls saga, Adele must draw on the past—from seventeenth-century Florence, a time bubbling with alchemy and fraternal betrayal—and sort history from fantasy if she is to have any chance of saving her mother, her coven, and her magic.


My Review:  This was an absolutely amazing follow up to the first book.   I could not and did not want to put this book down.

Adele is a fantastic heroine that I found incredibly believable in her actions.  She did not seem fake or phony but how I would expect a 16 year old girl to react in dire situations.  She wants to be a kid, but she is torn between love, family and he powers.

The new characters were also fun, I found them perfectly bad and a great edition to this story.

Isaac had real struggles too, and again I felt he was believable in his actions.   I felt he was true to his age and his duty.

This book is overall a nonstop page turner that will make you want to walk around New Orleans and take in everything.  The city has a supernatural feel and I think this book would add to that.

Fantastic 5 star read.

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