The Road to #Vegan

I decided that this year was going to be about me becoming healthier, a better saver and to get out of debt.  I have been playing with the vegan diet for years, five to be exact.  Five years ago I was a daily Burger King double cheeseburger type of girl, then I would go home and eat BBQ, slathered with all sorts of other things that you really shouldn’t eat.

I also have said “I love animals”  which I do, I love dogs & cats… and every type of animal that you can cuddle with.  Then one day I came across this book, Skinny Bitch.  I was like oh I want to be a skinny bitch let me pick this up and read it.

I didn’t realize that Skinny Bitch was a pro vegan lifestyle book.  I read every page.  I was amazed at what was being said in the book, I started fact checking because you can’t believe everything you read right?  I started reading books, watching documentaries.  Every thing.  I was obsessed.  Then I started to realize if I am going to love animals, I really shouldn’t just love the ones I cuddle with.

That was five years ago.  

I am not going to lie, I still eat meat, although it is rarer and rarer.   I can also tell you that when I am actually on my vegan kick, my blood work comes back better, my moods are more stable, my skin glows… the benefits are real.

Which is why I have decided it is time to make that change and stay vegan.  I have always been great at eating vegetarian/vegan for 30 days or a little longer then I need to eat something out of convenience and I eat meat.

Then I start to feel anxious, run down, bloated… horrible.

Which is how I feel today as I have been regularly consuming meat since Thanksgiving.

I was talking to one of my friends and the reason I fail is because I do not plan well, I do not plan my meals.  So I have spent the past week finding recipes that will store well so I can make ahead and not eat out of convenience.

This has been a very long journey for me that I have not been the most successful with but I have decided that I would make food ahead of time.  I even found the most amazing dessert recipe I am making this weekend.  (I CAN’T WAIT)

What do you recommend doing to stay vegan?  Have you fallen off the wagon and gotten back on?  Share recipes with me.  My goal is to be 100% vegan by the end of the year!



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