The Problem with Loving a Gypsy Spirit

Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking about life in general and I have come to the following conclusion

It must be really hard to love a person with a gypsy spirit. 

I dream about seeing the world, I want to see the world, I want to experience to taste… to love.

Yet society norms say… No no sweetheart. .

You are 31, it is time to be married, own a house, have your 2.2. kids and 1 dog….

So it never fails that very few people in life get me.  I don’t talk about owning things, I do n’t talk about kids… I talk about the cheap flights to NYC, Peru  & Sri Lanka.

DO I want kids? Sure, Right now? well No. 

When I go out with people that have kids, I listen about their kids because I love most of my friends kids, but I am checking my phone for the newest flight alerts & wondering when it is socially acceptable to leave. I must say this again.  I love my friends and I love their kids. Our lifestyles are just different. I don’t understand diapers and first days of school.  At least not yet. 

Rude? Maybe. Honest? yes. 

While I love making memories at dinner with friends…


So anyway I digress. (as usual)

I have learned that my nature is hard to love, I am flighty, I dream, I fantasize… I want… I don’t care about gifts. Never really have, I prefer the experience.  Most people do not understand that. 

Yesterday I was reading a book in bed. 1000 places to See Before You Die. (one of my favs!)

My mother makes the comment “Jen’s reading on her bed and planning her vacation for 2020“.  While she was mocking me, she was joking… but I guess if my own mother doesn’t get it I suppose I shouldn’t expect others to too.

Lately I have felt lost in life.

What am I doing?

Where am I going?

Why am I still a claims adjuster, I hate it?

I finally decided it was because I have not been anywhere new. I feel lost because of it.  That is the gypsy soul in me urging me to hurry up and get out.  So anyway I tell my friend that, and that we should go somewhere… anywhere…


Her response?

Let’s go shopping


I guess, I am just misunderstood.


Oh well until next time.


The Lunatic

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