The Movie that Inspired my Wanderlust


Confession: I didn’t start taking my travel desires to the next level until I was 30 even though my desires started rooting themselves at 13 well 5 technically but that is a story for another day.

French Kiss was the movie that inspired dreams that I had not really had until I watched this movie.

Now that I am 32 not 13, I think I understand why this movie inspired me, for the next 17 years I would act like Kate the main character.  She found reasons to not do something… hatred of the French, intolerance of cheese… whatever she could pull out of the hat to not go.

For 17 years I would do the same thing even though “I wanted to travel”

I can’t go to Germany, I want to audition for drill team officer” … which I did not make.

I think I am just going to work and save money and not volunteer this summer in Africa…”  I spent all my money on beer and didn’t save a dime.  (I was in college, it was ok to make bad decisions)

I don’t want to study abroad my senior year of high school because I am going to marry
“he I will not name on my blog” and if I go he might break up with me…
” We broke up three days before Valentine’s day, and two weeks after I was supposed to leave and study abroad & untimely this crap would destroy my senior year (at least that is what 18 year old Jen thought).

I think I just got really good at making excuses, I don’t think I was ever really committed to any of the things I choose over traveling it was just easier to choose staying rather than going.

Which brings me back to my point even though Kate was an adult in the movie and I was 13, I think I was drawn to her character because I would in fact grow up and be like her.  If that crazy talk makes any sense at all.

Anyway Kate gets a rude awakening when she decides to not go with her Fiance to France and receives a call that results in her being dumped for a French woman.

So you know what Kate does she gets on a plane in an effort to win him back.

This decision ends up resulting in Kate taking a life changing adventure through France with Luc, a Frenchman that has every quality Kate hates.

You know the typical romantic comedy stuff… I am sure if you have seen enough romantic comedies you can figure out how this story ends.

The story is not what fascinated me though it was the French countryside while they were on the train. I remember going to the library after seeing this move and reading about trains in Europe (internet was not THAT common in 1995, I am so glad we have google now that would have been a whole lot easier)  and the countryside of France.

I remember the scene when the characters are in Cannes France and thinking wow that water looks awesome.  I then read about Cannes and told myself I would  visit there someday.

The movie does inspire a French love affair and while the movie has a typical outcome it still has an amazing back drop.   While excuses kept me from going in the past, I will say that like Kate I have learned my lesson and that I no longer turn down opportunities.

Granted I have  not been to France since seeing the movie but I can tell you that 32 year old Jen will not turn down the opportunity once it arises.  My biggest issue now is deciding where the hell I am going next.



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    1. I can watch this movie over and over and over. I love it. I was very young when I watched it… but it was the movie that let me know there is more than Texas out there.

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