The Key West Sunset

Confession: I rarely make sunrises.  I am someone that truthfully wants those extra moments in bed before I get up and conquer my day.  I do however ALWAYS make sunsets when I travel.  There is something about seeing a sunset while you are traveling.  It is almost like the perfect ending to a perfect day.  I should probably make more sunsets in my every day life because they are a very beautiful thing and may actually make my days in the cubicle better.

I am not the greatest photographer but I do consider photography a hobby, I try to capture moments, and while my photo will not end up on National Geographic anytime soon, I do appreciate the memory that comes with my photography.

Recently I have been going through photographs & trying to sort them.  My blog has not had as many adventure posts as I like, but I am hoping that will start changing soon.

This sunset was a unique one, it had been raining pretty much all day, but for a moment it stopped and the sun started to set and some how I still managed to snag the moment.  The Coast Guard was about to take off, and someone was enjoying the sunset via parasail (totally on my bucket list now!) and the sun had a warm glow on the ocean.

The perfect ending to the perfect day.


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