The Importance of “mini” goals

I have two big goals:

1. Pay off my massive debt.
2. Save a minimum 25k in my RTW fund, I am thinking way more than that, because I am strongly debating a 3-5 year trip.

When all this is said and done… this is approx 50k I will need to accomplish these two goals. So suffice it to say my goals are daunting and massive. Whenever I think about the overall goal it is incredibly easy to get discouraged and think I am never going to accomplish my goals.

At work one of my favorite supervisors constantly says “Just keep chopping wood” whenever we discuss our claims inventory and trying to get it under control. He says this to let us know that we can only solve one problem at a time and just keep chipping away and tackle what you can do right now.

Since I hear this every day at work I realized the importance of applying this goal to my personal life. Which is why I have learned the importance of setting small goals to reach the bigger goal.

So that is what I do… Focus on paying off one card & saving my first estimated month of expenses. I have already paid off my first credit card and I am currently working on the next card. I am currently working on saving my first 1200. Why 1200??? It is how much I feel I will need to get out of the country, meaning my one way ticket to Mexico & basic gear. I have to be honest though, it is SOOOO much fun planning what I think I want to do on my trip.. granted I know it will change but you gotta start somewhere right? I have always known that when I leave my first 3-4 months will be in Mexico & Central America. I also know that I want to splurge the first month with beach homes & mucho beach time. So it is very fun “planning” and “budgeting” but I know realistically it will be better on the road and I might find better accommodations. I will share with you my “budgeting plans”.

Once I accomplish a goal I set the next goal, you know chopping wood. šŸ™‚

So the purpose of this post? To tell you sometimes it is easier to focus on the smaller goals that will help you accomplish the bigger picture.

Headline Meme taken from Quotes Chart.

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