The First Days (As the World Dies #1) by Rhiannon Frater


Katie is driving to work one beautiful day when a dead man jumps into her car and tries to eat her.  That same morning, Jenni opens a bedroom door to find her husband devouring their toddler son.

Fate puts Jenni and Katie—total strangers—together in a pickup, fleeing the suddenly zombie-filled streets of the Texas city in which they live. Before the sun has set, they have become more than just friends and allies—they are bonded as tightly as any two people who have been to war together.

During their cross-Texas odyssey to find and rescue Jenni’s oldest son, Jenni discovers the joy of watching a zombie’s head explode when she shoots its brains out. Katie learns that she’s a terrific tactician—and a pretty good shot.

A chance encounter puts them on the road to an isolated, fortified town, besieged by zombies, where fewer than one hundred people cling to the shreds of civilization.

It looks like the end of the world. But Katie and Jenni and many others will do whatever they have to to stay alive. Run, fight, pick each other up when they stumble, fall in love…anything is possible at the end of the world.

My Review:  I have a major love/hate relationship with zombies.  I love the zombie trend and I honestly can’t enough zombie books, movies… The Walking Dead.  I mean it is fun to watch but to be quite frank they terrify me and I am pretty sure I would be one of the first to go.

I digress.  This book was one of the first books I put on my Goodread shelves back in 2013 when I joined.  I just now read it and man it did NOT disappoint.   I love how action packed this story was.  The characters were complex and found themselves in complex situations.    Everything I expect when I watch anything zombie related.

Plus Texas was ground zero at least I feel that is what the book has implied thus far, I love any book set in my home state.

I feel if you are looking for a zombie book that has a different perspective on what a zombie is this book is 100% for you! It is available on Amazon, Audible and at most libraries!

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