The Drive to Zipline

In Honduras, I planned on zip lining through the jungle it is something I have always wanted to do & was pretty excited to finally do something on my bucketlist.

To get to the zip line we were told it would take 30-40 minutes of drive time to get there. Riding in a minivan always makes for an adventure in Latin America. I snapped a ton of pictures, some did not come out, some were pretty funny, and some reminded me that I need to look into staying at a particular place.

My thoughts?

First I was in awe of how green everything is, in Texas this time of year almost everything is brown from the brutal summers.


Second, the little van was zipping up cliffs like it was nothing, and I would look over and notice 20-130 feet in drop offs.


Third, everyone walks in Honduras.


Last, I knew instantly I was in love with this country, and I hope to make it back some day. It was one of those drives that I wish I could have gotten out of the van and taken much better photos.

Look at that amazing view!
Look at that amazing view!

I even remember this really cute couple walking down the street holding hands… it made me smile. 🙂

Here are the pictures from that drive










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