The Dole Plantation

When researching the Go Oahu Card, I pleased to see that the Dole Plantation was included in the price of the card. I assumed it would likely be very touristy but I love Dole Whips.

Like a lot. Every time I go to Disney I will often have a dole whip at least 2-3 times if I can swing it.

Since Dole is responsible for the Dole Whip I knew with 100% certainty they would have the Dole Whip at the plantation. So I told dad we had to go, so we could get a dole whip.

I really didn’t research all the other things to do there, I figured I would just wing it.

The Plantation was expensive but educational. I learned more than I could have imagined about my favorite fruit. (I love love love pineapples)

For example, did you know pineapples have a natural enzyme that help break down food and ease digestion? Who knew.

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