The Delicate Arch

I really wanted to hike to the Delicate Arch, and get some funny shots underneath it, but thanks to getting sick I was unable to hike (it is considered a true hike, not a stroll) the 3-ish hours it would have taken to get to the arch and back.

delicate 29

So we decided to take the “short” trail to see the arch from a distance.

Not only was I sick… I am seriously out of shape, but I blamed it on the altitude 😉 I am from Texas after all we can do that.

It started off pretty easy, just walk on a nice trail in the cool breeze,

delicate 23

Then we came to these stairs

delicate 26

and then to this hill that I swear to you was straight up.

you can see me struggling to get up this hill
you can see me struggling to get up this hill

delicate 7

After I stopped breathing hard, and my heart rate went back down to non heart attack levels, I took in the view…

and, let’s just say, the view was worth all that… and I really wish I could have hiked the actual hike and oddly enough I didn’t feel so sick…

delicate 39

Here are a few of the pictures…

delicate 33 delicate 36 delicate 5 delicate 6

Have you ever hiked the actual Delicate Arch Hike?

If you ever make it to Arches National Park, it is a must do, and I will be back to do it!

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