The Cubicle Escapee March Contest

Hey guys!  Happy Texas Independence Day if you are a fellow Texan 🙂

This month I am heading to…. CHINA!!!!!!  I am so excited and I will have a lot of coverage coming soon, I am so excited as China is my number 1 destination on my bucket list and I am so excited to finally make it to a country I have dreamed about for years.

This month I am going to giveaway a gift pack of items I pick up in China, I am sure the package will include post cards, candy & who knows what else I will find.     I might throw in a couple of books & a movie or two… all of it will be related to China.

I am also going to be holding other small prizes on my social networks, so you need to follow ALL three to not miss out as certain prizes will be specific to that following!!!!

YOU HAVE to enter the Rafflecopter below to win though so don’t forget to follow me on twitter, instagram & facebook to win!

Crossed one thing off my bucket list this year, it is time to take another off the list!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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