The coldest I have ever been

I am very much a warm-blooded Texan.

cold 1

So when we made it to the peak, I froze. I am pretty sure it was the coldest I have EVER been in my life. IT was absolutely horrible.

I am not a cold weather person, I love the warm tropical humidity that I have been raised in. I love the the fact that in March I can so swimming in Texas.

This negative 10 degree business on the top of this mountain… not for me.

So needless to say I did not take many pictures, in fact when I was going through the pictures, I could tell I was snapping pictures while running to get inside the building, and hoping for the best.

These are my running pictures


cold 13 cold 14 cold 11 cold 12

So that is why this post has very few pictures.

I was told it is cold not matter what time of year you go, but let me just say mid October it was negative 10 degrees. I have only read about temps like that, never experienced them.

Also, I must add one important detail, this was an unexpected detour and trip we added last minutes, so when it came to clothes all I had was a jacket, jeans and tennis shoes. We bought something for our head at Walmart the night before. I spoke with this sweet couple from Wisconsin, and the husband told me there is not much you can do when it gets this cold, when it is cold it’s cold.

I couldn’t agree more Mr. Wisconsin I couldn’t agree more.

cold 10

I have a whole new respect for you Northerners thanks to this trip.

I think this face taken with my brother & dad says it all…

our faces says it all...
our faces says it all…

Until Next Time

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