The Carnival Magic

I love cruising.  To me it is one of the ways I loose complete control of time.  When I was on my recent cruise I didn’t wear a watch, my cell phone was never on, and I could NEVER tell you the time. In fact I didn’t care.

By time my cruise was over, I was beyond relaxed and stress free (2 hours back in my cubicle Monday morning and all that was gone in a snap, but that is is neither here nor there)

We sailed on the Carnival Magic.  It was a beautiful ship.  There was so much to do on the ship it was hard to get bored.  I took a more relaxing approach on the ship, reading on the deck, taking regular naps & meeting the crew of the ship.  If relaxing is not your speed, the ship offered many opportunities to do something a little more active.

I recommend sailing on the ship if you are ever able.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of the ship. 🙂

ship 48

ship 46

ship 45

ship 42

ship 41

ship 40

ship 38

ship 37

ship 35

ship 32

ship 27

ship 13

ship 12

ship 10

ship 4

ship 1

ship 2

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