The Atlantis Aquariums are pretty awesome…

Lately, I have been going through photos and I did not realize how many pictures I took of the Atlantis Aquariums while I was in the Bahamas. While I left the Bahamas feeling a bit disappointed. I was not disappointed with the aquariums they were by far the best I have ever personally seen. In fact, I found a stingray that I named Jen because she swam by herself in circles, she (I am totally assuming it was a she) reminded me of me. Lost and swimming in circles but clearly enjoying life.

I only had limited time at Atlantis so it was time to get through the aquariums as fast as I could. Here are my favorite photos from the aquariums.

edit DSC03995 edit DSC04224 edit DSC04225 edit DSC04233 edit DSC04238

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