The Animals of Animal Kingdom

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This week I have been posting about some of my favorite Disney moments in honor of the Leap Day Celebration that is less than a week away.

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I went through all my photos, trying to decide what today’s post would feature, and I decided that I would give the stars of Disney’s Animal Kingdom a little love.

I have only rode Kilimanjaro Safaris Expedition once but I really enjoyed it. We were very lucky to get some pretty great shots of the animals, with the crappy camera I had at the time.

For those of you that have rode this ride, know that is an “African Safari” and there are many animals you will be able to see. We were able to see lions, hippos elephants, rhinos, Giraffes, Warthogs, Wildebeest, Zebras, Flamingos and so much more.

I have an incredible soft spot for animals, and while I go to zoo’s I do sometimes have an ethical issue with some zoos. Shouldn’t these animals be left in the wild, but lately I have found myself visiting more and more zoos, that focus on conservations and saving endangered species. I do know I NEVER plan on going to a zoo in a foreign country, but that will be for another post all together. Anyway, the point I am trying to make here, the animals are allowed to roam free so this allows for a different experience everytime you ride this ride.

I really want to do the Wild Africa Trek but the price tag has deterred me for my upcoming trip, so maybe if I can scrimp & save I might be able to book it when I go back in November.

OK back on topic. While in the line queue it is of course very well themed, as if you really are preparing to go on an African Safari, The ride vehicles are vehicles that have been designed to actually look like safari vehicles. This ride is of course themed in a way only Imagineers could design it in my opinion. The idea of the ride, is that you are on Safari, but your guy gets a distress call that a baby elephant has been taken by poachers, and you are going to try and save the elephant, all while seeing “real animals” on the ride. A very smart way for Disney to make awareness for a VERY REAL problem. Can’t get enough of Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

Pictures from the line queue:

a cheat sheet of animals you can expect to see

a little blurry but I think it makes a valid point

You can learn a lot about this ride if you watch the video, Disney Parks: Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which is available on Amazon.

Seriously what they have accomplished on this ride is truly amazing. Granted I have never been on a real African Safari so technically I don’t have anything to compare it too, but I think it is amazing.

Anyway, here are a few of the animals we managed to snap a shot of on this ride.


my favorite with out a doubt

if you squint you can see the lions in the background
a well hidden rhino

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