The 30 Day Savings Challenge

So I have received a few emails that people like my money challenges and things I am doing to save money. While researching 30-day challenges I came across this challenge from so while this is not an original challenge I do find it interesting & challenging.


The challenge reminds me of the 52-week challenge in a lot of ways, I know a lot of people that do that challenge and find it very easy for them to save extra money in small doses. This one is challenging because it is day by day. I figured this would be a fun money challenge for the month of July since I do not have any big spending coming up & it is hot outside so I find that often I prefer the cool AC of my home, so I am not out and about spending a lot of money.

I am really trying to find fun challenges to help me save the money I need in order to achieve my dream of RTW travel. It is a lot of work but I know the end result will be worth it. This challenge will make me that much closer to my goal!

Stay tuned for next month’s money/savings goal, and feel free to try your hand at this goal! Until next time XOXO

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