That one time I met Logan

Those of you that have been around know I tend to claim I am a lot of things.

Learner. Believer. Anti-Corporation. Reader. Traveler.



The last two really sum me up.  I am someone that will completely get totally geeked out over something. Whether it be Star Trek vs Star Wars (a debate I often take part in), San Diego Comic Con (yes I live for it!) or meeting a famous person.

Yeah I know they are just people.  I get that… but they are people that entertain me.  That’s the catch.

I am often saving money and in the middle of a “no spend my money” mode, so I can travel some where new.  So with no spending money often comes sitting my happy ass at home and partake in Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu if I cn access my mom’s account (sometimes I can’t!)

Anyway I  digress.

One of my favorite shows of all time is Veronica Mars. I love Veronica. What makes this show AMAZING  is the fact that you have a kick ass female lead that is not stupid.  She is someone that is worthy of my affections, and affection it has earned.

In fact not to sound like a stalker or anything (cause I am totally NOT a stalker) I just know if Kristen Bell and I met, we would be fast friends. Seriously. She is an animal lover. I am an animal lover. She is awesome. I am awesome.

I mean how could we not be?

Anyway as I saw the Veronica Mars movie not once but TWICE this past weekend I figured I would talk about the time I met Jason Dohring.  Or Logan to you Veronica lovers.

And it was AWESOME.  I have met quite a few famous peeps at cons and needless to say the meet & greets are often rushed, quick and it is over before you even know it.

My friend Ashley Nemer (you should go TOTALLY check her books out by the way) was with me through this encounter to the end.  AND when I say we were two bumbling idiots, I am not even exaggerating.

She couldn’t even remember the name of his show (moonlight, Sigh RIP Moonlight) and I just kept giggling uncontrollably. Yes you read that right. I giggled.

No. I. Am. Not. Even. Joking

It was one of the most epic meetings and Ashley and I still talk about it to this day.  He seriously spent 45 minutes talking to us and he gave Ashley a glowstick (ask her if she still has it!). Spoiler Alert.  She does.

Here is my picture from that very epic day.

Jason Dohring

And Mr. Dohring THANK YOU FOR BEING SO FREAKING AWESOME!!! seriously we met you like 2 years ago and STILL talk about it. 🙂

Is there a celeb you would geek out meeting? I have a list 🙂

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