Thank you from the bottom of my heart…

I have completed my book drive for The African Library Project and drum roll please…

I am going to be able to fully fund THREE AFRICAN LIBRARIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all of the donations, books & extra garage space while I sorted, stacked and yes even read a few of the books.

I am currently sorting the boxes and getting them ready to be shipped to Africa.  This is a fun part as I get to share a little about myself with the libraries in Africa.

Next step is for me to get the books to the warehouse in New Orleans where they will be shipped  to Ghana to the schools & I really hope the kids & community enjoys the books, I really did receive some fabulous books to donate.

Again, I want to thank EVERYONE who helped me in this endeavor.  I am going to drop the books off very soon & even get to meet the lady I have been emailing relentlessly back and forth the past few weeks!  I can’t wait.

Stay tuned as I pick my next project for the next few months.  I have narrowed it down & I can’t wait to share it with you!

A few things I loved about this project

-Books are being sent to communities in need

-Books are being recycled into new libraries vs being thrown away, because yes people do throw away books.  There is ALWAYS someone who wants your books please please please I am begging you NEVER throw books away.

-The support from the African Library Project has been amazing, I have emailed so many questions and issues and they helped & coached me every single time. 

-This is an amazing project for an individual, especially since I do not belong to any groups. 

-You are giving the gift of a book & everyone should have the opportunity to read. 

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