Take my advice DO NOT Napoleon San Francisco

A couple of weekends ago, I had the chance to fly to San Francisco to spend time with two my friends.  The catch?  I could not take any PTO, and I had approx one day to see all the sites.  I arrived Friday night around 8pm and I had to get back to the airport around 11 am Sunday morning.

My mission?  See as many of the touristy sites that I could on Saturday.

Upon my completion of this mission here is what I can say.

1. San Francisco was enjoyable but I believe it would have been more so had I had a few more days.

2. It can be done, but make sure you bring extra batteries for your camera, if you are a photo junkie like me.

3. The hills are crazy insane, and you will be sore .

4. I had a blast in San Fran and I can’t wait to go back.

5.  There are two bridges in San Fran.. yes sadly I did not know that, but I do now.  Travel is education after all.

Our day started with a very early wake up call, we got moving at 6am.  (note these are my unedited photos, I am hoping to finally get some pics edited over the holiday.)

We had breakfast at Starbucks and I had to make a quick run to Walgreens.  Then we were off to visit Alcatraz


Alcatraz has been on my bucket list for a  very long time, so I was very excited to see the island for the very first time.  We spent a good amount of time on the island.  The sun started to shine towards the end of our visit so it was  nice to have some sunshine on our visit.


see pretty sunshine starting to show
see pretty sunshine starting to show

After Alcatraz it was lunch time so it was time to head to the Fisherman’s Wharf where we had lunch at the yummy, although touristy Fog Harbor.


Next stop the sea lions… There were so many of them, and I wish I would have gotten closer to them.  I just love animals. 🙂



Next up I trusted Siri to take me to the famous Ghirardelli  Square… she said it was four minutes… more like four miles…



Time was starting to get short so we snagged a cab so we could do some of the “driving” parts of San Fran… the cab took us back to our car and off we went .

we drove up  the steep streets,


Next up. the famous Lombard Street…

one of the eight turns on Lombard Street
one of the eight turns on Lombard Street

Next up the famous Painted Ladies…


After that, it was time to jet over to the Golden Gate Bridge… although my camera battery was officially dead at this point.


We drove over the bridge and then decided it was time to head back home, but not before stopping for Mexican food. Yep you read that right, Mexican food in San Fran.

We did a lot, a WHOLE lot but at the same time we missed a lot too. I fell in love with this city and I can’t wait to go back to take it at a slower pace and really enjoy everything San Fran has to offer.

What is your favorite part of this beautiful city?

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