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Road Fever by Tim Cahill

Summary: Tim Cahill reports on the road trip to end all road trips: a journey that took him from Tierra del Fuego to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, in a record-breaking twenty three and a half days.

My Review:

I am a person that loves travel memoirs. I always find that they drive me to keep pursuing and working to achieve my goals of seeing the world. This book was fun mostly because at the time he traveled from Tierra del Fuego to Prudhoe Bay in record time.

At the time this was amazing and that is why I love this book. Going on an adventure like this was not the norm.  Now you are always hearing about some travel record being broken that if you love to travel like I do, you just go… not to beat some record because it will likely be broken the following week 🙂  That is why I love this book it was not normal and he WENT for it!

Very well written book. I laughed so much in this book. Anyone that has ever traveled will understand the perils he went through because they still exist today, so overall this is a great relaxing book to read!

Love is a Pretty Girl with a Cape to Share Your Dreams With by Bob Boze



SummaryA humorous autobiographical anthology from the author of the best-selling love story series the Horses of Tir Na Nog.


What’s it like to have your love life devastated….twice……before you’re six?

What’s it like when everyone knows how your life will turn out…….5 months before you’re born?

What’s it like to step off a bus in a foreign country 3,500 miles from home and feel like you were always meant to be there?

What’s it like to be enchanted by history and a city that has been the center of trade and multiple empires for over 2000 years?

What’s it like to volunteer at the World Famous San Diego Zoo for over 20 years, only to find out 10 year olds know more than you do?

What’s it like to show the love of your life the world you so dearly love, only to find out she’s really the one leading the parade?


To find out the answer to these and thousands of other questions, come fly with me and my pretty girl with a cape as we travel the world and life!


My Review:  When I received an email from Mr. Boze offering up his book to read I was thrilled this book was completely right up my alley.   I am so glad I received his email because this book kept me up until the wee hours of the morning reading.  In short, it was delightful.  He has been everywhere had the opportunities I only dream about.  This was an adventure-filled love story that will pull at the heart strings while making you laugh at his outrageous stories.

I found his stories outrageous yet believable and his way with words made me feel like I was sitting next to him in the passenger seat.   The titles of his chapters were amazing and I found at times I was like uh oh what could possibly happen next.

This story had me smiling and I have to admit they have a beautiful love story that I am so happy I got to take part in through reading this amazing book.  I can only imagine what it was like when they experienced his stories first hand.  This was an amazing book and I am so happy I got to read it.


I downloaded a copy of the book on Kindle Unlimted.  If you have a copy of the book I highly urge you to read it.


The Book that Started it all

Back in 2010, I was in a weird place I was starting to realize that I wanted more… but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  It was right when I was starting to feel my travel itch again.  I debating signing up for a trip to China to volunteer abroad, so I felt I wanted to research traveling abroad.

I started reading blogs, articles, I participated in forums.

This is where I learned about around the world travel.  I always knew that people “backpacked” Europe ,in fact I had an entire trip planned to backpack Europe once… but people actually backpack the world too?

No way that is awesome.  I remember thinking.

So like any typical 20-something in the digital age I started googling “Around the World” travel, “career breaks” and any other extended vacation.  I came across forum after forum on the topic.  I was intrigued, but not really “sold” on the concept just yet.

One day I came across a forum, books that inspired you to travel.  There were ton’s of books listed, but everyone was talking about a book that had just been released a month prior called The Lost Girls: Three Friends. Four Continents. One Unconventional Detour Around the World.


I wrote the book title down and drove to Barnes & Noble (this was before the Kindle was hot!) and bought the book.  I came home got in bed, and started reading.

I was instantly drawn to each character in the book, each character had a trait I was drawn to and could relate to.

I was drawn to Jennifer because her personal life circumstance was just like mine, I was drawn to Amanda because she was in a job that appeared to take advantage of her and had WAY to high of expectations, I was drawn to Holly because it appeared she was on some spirtual request that I understood.

Each girl was lost in their own way about life decisions and what the wanted in life.  They were also 28, which was the age I was at the time I was reading the book.

I was conflicted about so many things in life that it was amazing to learn I was not alone.   I knew I wanted to travel and see “the world” but I didn’t understand why I had this deep yearning.

In short, this book changed my life. 

I know that is a very bold statement about a book, but stay with me here.

I read this story and the journey they took together and it spoke on many levels to me.  I learned that real friends are forever and don’t ignore you in hard times.  They were there for each other through everything, even a spat or two.

Most importantly because of this book I learned it is ok to want to travel extensively.

I am constantly told I am crazy, that two vacations a year should be enough, that my dreams are not realistic.  No one can take of a year and travel, it is career suicide.

I have been told that often, hell I am still told that today.

Here is the thing though, if you really hate your job is leaving it career suicide?

On their journey, they practiced Spanish, they volunteered at an orphanage in Kenya, they stayed at ashram in India…

Please tell me, how can learning a foreign language & volunteering hurt your career?

I am not in the process of taking an around the world trip, but it is  fun dream of mine.

This book really helped me come to terms that my dreams are my own, not my friends, not my family  but my own.  It also gave me permission to fuel my wonderlust even more, and that is why I am such a huge traveler today.

Also I really want to meet the awesome ladies, just so I can tell them what they have done for me 🙂

Have you read any books that changed the way you approach life?


Photo Credit:  Feature/Header image was take from Lost Girls personal site.




Travel Book Review: Travel the World! by Dagny Taggart

I recently subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, because with the $9.99 monthly membership price tag it goes without saying it will save me money in the long haul.

I am also in the middle of planning a lot of trips, so Travel Books have once again become and addiction.

Today I bring you the short book by Dagny Taggart, Travel The World! How to Do It, Where to Go & Why It’s Cheaper Than You Think

This was a very short read, I have been following quite a few budget travel bloggers for quite some time

Within 1 page of the book, the author pulled me. I have been great at finding someone like me and let’s be honest peeps Dahny Taggart gets me.

I love how she (I am assuming she is a she lol) states that travel isn’t a science but in fact an art.  This is so true.

Personally I found this book a great cheerleader on finding a way to travel the world for an extended time period.

I hear excuses all the time about why people don’t travel. I felt the book did a great job saying make a plan stick to it and go.

Overall this book is a fun, whitty cheerleader to motivate you to get out there and go!

Like I needed motivation.

My Grade: A